Klostergarten, vorderer Teil

Welterbegarten Klostergarten Minoritenkloster

Oberstraße 11, 55430 Oberwesel

 Former monastery garden of the Minorite monastery

  An oasis of peace in the middle of the city. The private walled garden is charmingly situated within the former Minorite monastery and not far from the medieval city walls of Oberwesel. The area is divided into two parts. The front part, facing the residential building, was rebuilt a few years ago as a roof garden on top of an underground garage. With its classical layout and planting of roses, lavender, perennials and flowering shrubs, the garden is based on historical models. In the rear part, the massive ruins of the monastery church in the middle of the park-like area are impressive. This part of the garden was redesigned in the eighties of the last century as an arboretum (tree garden) with rare and partly exotic woody plants. Modern large-scale sculptures set exciting counterpoints to the botany in a historical setting. Part of the garden tour is also a visit to the interior of the church and the sacristy of the Minorite monastery. The garden is charmingly situated within the former Minorite monastery.

Klostergarten, vorderer Teil
illuminierter Klostergarten

Welterbegarten Klostergarten Minoritenkloster

55430 Oberwesel Oberstraße 11
Klostergarten Minoritenkloster
Oberstraße 11
55430 Oberwesel

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